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In 2018 Kentucky Derby 144 , Clay was commissioned to paint a Derby Dress by a friend. She has been waiting for something like this , since Derby is such a big deal.  It was also her first handpainting a dress, she has painted shirts, shoes by then but never a dress. 

2023 Clay got a commissioned request by her friend to handprint his shirt for Derby time. It was exciting , because it had been years since she painted the dress for Derby. It was def a hit!!


Kentucky Derby 150th , Morgan Hancock Bourbon with Heart founder was looking for her dress to get hand painted for Derby Oaks. She collaborated with Clay Mata to make this dress come to reality , to make her Derby outfit come to life. Clay only had few days to get it together but she loves a good challenge. She not only hand painted the dress but did Alans jacket as well , and both of their hats that were designed by Mad Hatter 502. Morgan participated in the Kentucky Derby Experience Fashion Contest and WON $5,000 cash!!! She was Best Dressed, Clay's art got attention , (shout out on NBC news,  Local Wave News ) it was one of her favorite collaborations. 

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