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Clay Mata is an artistic autodidact i.e. self taught. She draws her inspiration from her Hispanic heritage. Color and movement dominate her work which often cannot be contained on a single canvas! She channels a passion for vibrant beauty into art for the people. Quite simple Clay is a force of nature and her work certainly harnesses the power of her personality.

proud moment.jpg
winning check.jpg

picture by Dick Arnspiger

michael c gross.jpg

Micheal C Gross , who may RIP Was doing an exhibit on Flip Cancer and one of my art piece was selected to be displayed. He was known for designing the no ghost logo for the Ghostbusters movie. So much has happened since, but this is one of my favorite moments, I didn't get to attend because I couldn't afford to fly out there. But this picture meant a lot  to me. 

horse and me.jpg

in 2023 Clay Mata  painted her first Horse Statue for Churchill Downs, was displayed on Opening Night 

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